Tehree & Hamish would like to thank you for supporting Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary
Thank you for supporting Jirrahlinga. Your donation helps us to maintain our mission of making Jirrahlinga a safe sanctuary for wildlife.
Pet Boarding

When you need to go away for the weekend or for that well earned holiday who looks after your pets?

Jirrahlinga operates a boarding facility for all pets. We give loving attention to your pet whether it is a dog, cat, bird, mouse or even a camel

Got a pet "Blue Tongued Lizard" or a snake?
Who looks after it when you go away?
We also look after reptiles in the sanctuary so your special pets are in the best of hands.

Each animal has different needs, diet, exercise, length of stay etc so the cost is upon application.
Contact Jirrahlinga via the following:
Tel: (03) 5254- 2484
Fax:(03) 5254- 3380