Tehree & Hamish would like to thank you for supporting Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary
Thank you for supporting Jirrahlinga. Your donation helps us to maintain our mission of making Jirrahlinga a safe sanctuary for wildlife.
Private Sponsorship
Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary receives no Government support and is wholly funded through
  • Entry Fees,
  • Donations and
  • Sponsorship.
Private Sponsorships can assist in care of specific animals or contribute to specific projects
Koala Feed a koala $1 per day $30 per month
Kangaroo Feed a kangaroo $2 per day $60 per month
Emu Feed an emu $1.50 per day $45 per month
Echidna Feed an echidna $0.60 per day $18 per month
Parrot Feed a parrot $0.30 per day $9 per month
(03) 5254 2484
(03) 5254- 3380
Your sponsorship or general donation can be made via bank transfer.
Our bank details are listed below.
  Bank: Bendigo Bank
  Name of Account: Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary Fund
  BSB: 633 000
  Account Number: 152511077